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Microsofts Fix It Center

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Link to GRC ShieldsUp software. This link will help you determine if your pc is vulnerable on the internet.

Link to Secunia software Inspector

Link to PitStop, great for checking out your PC.

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Tech Support Forum

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My name is Wayne Setzer and I am the founder and owner of My-PCConsultant.  In 2005 I started My-PCConsultant to help my Church members and Neighborhood neighbors, many who are elder, with their PC needs. I retired from UNISYS (Burroughs) and McKesson Corporation in 2008 with over 50+ years experience working on computers, starting with military computers (using tubes) in 1959 to present day desktop and laptop pc's.  You can check my qualifications   - - > Here < - -.

One of the main problems I hear from customers is: my computer is so slow I can't get anything done. Can you help me. About 90% of the time the answer to this is YES. The other times the PC has just outlived it's life and will need to be replaced.

A few of the many causes of this problem are: computer virus, malware (spyware) programs that were installed when another program was being installed, registry problems, dirt and dust buildup inside the pc causing it to overheat, not enough memory, plus others . All of these problems I am able to help you with. I can also help you with the security of your pc.

Another question I hear often is: I want to discard or give away my old computer but am concern about the data that might still be on the hard  drive. Should I be! YES, even through you have deleted the files, formatted the disk, or the computer will not boot up because of problems, the data is still physical on the hard drive and can be retrieved with generally available software. Before you donate or give away that pc, I can rewrite the entire drive with a random pattern of data (even if the computer will not boot up) which will overwrite any previous files and data on the drive or I can remove and physically destroy the hard drive.

Another area I am often ask about is: my small business needs a website , can you help me here. Again the answer to this is YES. Every Business, no mater how small, needs a Web presence.  You can view some websites created by My-PCConsultant   - - > Here < - -.